Why Virtual Receptionists Are The Best-Kept Secret of Modern Productivity


Many companies use virtual receptionists in a way that most callers have no clue that they are speaking with a qualified receptionist who is remotely located.

 Virtual Receptionists are No longer really A  Secret

Many companies these days use this service and  enjoy top notch reception services and if you are business owner of a starttup without a physical presence, you will already know of the many benefits that outsourcing brings and by talking to a virtual receptionist provider.

Some companies have been providing phone answering service for businesses in the US for several years and now, thanks to digital technology and Broadband Internet, it is now possible for a person in Asia, for example, to answer a US company’s calls and the caller has no idea what’s actually happening. Neither would they worry, as they receive first class service whenever they call.

It’s an Affordable and Flexible Option

You would be forgiven for thinking that having all your incoming calls professionally answered would be costly, yet as the provider has many clients, the individual cost is actually very reasonable and certainly cheaper than directly employing a qualified telephone receptionist.

You might also assume that this service will tie you into a long contract, yet nothing could be further from the truth. A lot of services allow you to terminate the service at any time and many companies use the services as an overflow, to help out when the lines are very busy.

Times like Christmas and New Year are extremely busy for online retailers and by forging an alliance with an established call handling company, they are guaranteed to have all calls handled in a professional manner.

A Good Solution for Staff Absences and Holidays

For those who already have an actual receptionist, you can easily shift and switch to a virtual receptionist when your IRL (in real life) assistant takes his or her much-needed annual break?

These days, now more than ever, it’s the ideal time to use a virtual receptionist and  only pay for the time you need. It’s the best solution for lean startups too!