Curb Your Bad Snacking Habit with This Subscription Box

It is an undisputed fact that snacking on high calorie, high fat, sugar and salt snacks does our diets in every time. The average American gets about 23 percent of daily calories from snacks. According to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), for a man that amounts to 634 calories each day from snacking and 438 for women.

However, it is possible to snack smartly by incorporating a handful of nuts, greek yogurt, berries, raw veggies and humus to help stave off hunger so we aren’t ravenous come lunch or dinner time. But that’s not easy either. In today’s high paced times, people don’t make time to pack healthy snacks and the good stuff isn’t always the most tasty, hence why we go for the junk food!

Fortunately, there is a whole cottage industry of snack subscription boxes available to take the guess work out of finding tasty, healthy and nutritious options for snacking.

We want to introduce you to one such box, which is also one of our newest partners: Urthbox!

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Urthbox specializes in sending healthy, delicious and tasty new snacks from local stores and vendors.  Delivered each month, the curated collection is designed to serve as an alternative to unhealthy snacking in the face of stress, busy schedules, and other life struggles and to complement a healthy, fit lifestyle.

Each month, Urthbox’s team of expert buyers carefully select new products to go into each box, considering the ingredients, source, calorie, nutrition and manufacturing process of each item.  Getting that box each month in the mail is a treat. Customers pick a box from their Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan dietary options and Urthbox does the rest!

It’s a known fact that the primary driver of our good or bad health is what we consume. Both childhood obesity and adult obesity largely have to do with the types of foods we consume, especially while snacking. And, with our busier and busier daily lives of career, fitness and family who has the time to make sure the very crucial thing that drives our health is attended to?

UrthBox is a convenient and subtle way to make sure you have access to healthy snacks for your home, the office or on-the-go.


You can get a mini box of a little over 6 snacks for the casual snacker. That will cost $12.99 per month. If you fancy yourself (or the person you plan to gift) a “part-time snacker” then a small box of about 12 snacks will cost $19 monthly, which is a 10% savings.

A Happy Snacker gets a 20% savings and over 18 snacks for $29 per month while a professional snacker can count on over 25 snacks in his or her box for $39 per month.

I also dig the Office Box. You can get a generous box for the entire office, serving 5-10 employees each. For the $199 cost, your team can enjoy over 100 full size products.UrthBox-Subscription-Box-Review-August-2015-Contents (1)

And for all the boxes over $25, shipping is absolutely free! If you order from us, Get $10 Off an Awesome Vegan Snack Box From UrthBox!

The classic box is all-encompassing in its culinary scope, while the gluten-free box and vegan box embrace dietary restrictions. The diet box is stocked with products good for those who are counting calories or watching their carb and fat intake.

Urthbox Subscription Box