Am I The Only One Happy Facebook Ditched The ‘Edited’ Notification from Posts?


In January, and Mashable reported that Facebook was doing away with its feature that shows when a post has been edited.

Before, after correcting a comment or modifying a post, Facebook left a permanent marker of your correction with the tiny “Edited” label on the bottom of the post.

After their respective publication of this change, Facebook responded to Mashable.

When asked about the change, Facebook reps acknowledged that this is a different editing system than it had before, but the change was made about a year ago. It appears that the rollout took some time to reach most users.

That roll out hit one of my FB pages this week and I must say I was pleased!

I don’t mind sharing the fact that I have edited grammar error or a missed period. Those times when I am inartful  or unclear in my initial post or come off offensive when I had no intention to be, I would prefer those who see the post after those corrections to not be able to review the mistakes.

Also, I am a bit type A and got a mild self-diagnosed OCD and I like to keep my posts close flawless as possible with no sign indicating it was anything but! J/K!

How about you guys? Do you have this edit yet?

This post was written by editor @Jenebaspeaks on Twitter