Set Your Website On Social Media Autopilot with One Plugin


If you have a website, you’ve likely heard that it needs a blog that pushes out updates on your company and industry related articles periodically as a means fo driving traffic, audience, and potential buyers and customers to your business.

If you don’t have a social media manager as your disposal, the next best thing is to invest in some tools that will let you automate social shares. The easiest way to do so is with WordPress plugins.

We’ve sampled several and have settled on the  Revive Old Post plugin which, according to the plugin creator’s site, has helped over 82,000 sites to re-purpose and re share their old content to their social media accounts. We use it to keep our network strong and growing.

It’s relatively simple to use. Download, set the target audience, share relevant content and watch your social circle grow automatically.

Revive Old Post helps you to keep your old posts alive by automatic sharing them and driving more traffic to them from social media networks. Set it up once and you’ll never have to worry about your old posts again.



How it works:

Add a custom sharing schedule

Determine a custom schedule and select the days and hours when you want to share your blog posts. If you need more, you can even set different schedules for different social media channels.

Customize your social shares

You can customize each share with a hashtag unique to your biz or company or brand or industry. Add your user name or some other unique text so your followers know the content is old and being reshared.

After you set, we suggest you monitor the shares and which ones are getting traction or engagement in the forms of follows, retweets, shares etc.

Track every click

Both of the Revive Social plugins work with the most popular URL shortening services. This allows you to see how popular your posts are, and also track each individual click they attract.

Share to multiple accounts

For those who have more than one account or are social media or digital strategist for several clients, you can use Revive Social on multiple accounts. There are no limits.

reshare old posts