NEXT: Halo Belt raises 15x its Kickstarter Goal

halo messenger belt

Approximately, 270,000 pedestrians are killed each year and many at night.  Runners, bikers and others who traverse roads on foot among motorists must and should make sure they are mindful of area traffic as they’re out and about.

We are runners here at TechYaya and we jumped at the chance to give a trial run of the next generation of the Halo Belt, an innovative adjustable security accessory equipped with reflective materials.

When worn during sunset hours, the belt does a superb job and  making you visible and apparent to drivers.

running clothes

Testing this contraption out in a heavily wooded and dimly lit town during the twilight hours, we took photographic evidence of what we looked like to an oncoming driver with the belt on and without and it looked like this:

halo belt2

Well we’re sold!

Kudos to you if you were one of the 2,796 Kickstarter backers to help the company raise $162,391, mucho dollars more than its$10,000 goal for the two month campaign . Per the campaign website of the company, headed by Start Up Founder Vincent Pilot Ng, belts are being manufactured and shipped to all who ordered!

halo belt

Check out the video pitch: