Although women are more likely to be the start new tech startups, they are often forgotten in capital formation and other entrepreneur circles. Incubator, Platforms and Accelerators  like Women 2.0 and Power to Fly are here to change that. Check… Continue Reading

Why you shouldn’t let just anyone handle your social media management

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In 2015, developers remain most sought after, best paid in tech

Software application and Web/iOS developers will be the most sought after technology consultants this year, according to a recently released survey.  And, the report revealed, they can command high salaries and competitive packages. The big take-away form the Harris Allied… Continue Reading

Here’s what’s NEXT on Jesse Jackson’s Tech Inclusion Agenda

Since the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr. got most of the top tech companies to reveal their employment diversity numbers this summer, he has set his sights on the next steps: getting tech companies to agree on measurable initiatives and programs… Continue Reading

The woman behind IndieFlix turns bullied past into successful startup

Scilla Andreen overcame being a severely bullied Asian kid, then eventually  having to balance single-motherhood and a career before co-founding the Netflix of independent films. In the male-dominated film-making industry, Andreen saw potential with an innovative business model and co-launched  IndieFlix in… Continue Reading

NEXT: Halo Belt raises 15x its Kickstarter Goal

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8 Must-Know Tips to Grow Your Business

by Berny Dohrmann As the chairman of one of the world’s largest business support organizations, I’ve encountered countless prospective entrepreneurs trying to put their ideas into action by launching a business. My experiences have given me a unique insight into what… Continue Reading