Facebook admits it DOES Drain Your iPhone Battery Life, Vows to Fix It


Facebook drains iPhone batteries. That is why our staff just outright delete the app altogether on days they are on assignment, without access to a power strip and need all the battery power they have available. It looks like the… Continue Reading

Man’s iPhone survives 9,300 Ft fall from Plane, Donkey helps Find it

What does a donkey, a plane and an iPhone have in common? The parallels are almost unbelievable. Ben Wilson, owner of natural-gas equipment company Gas Corporation of America, had just taken off in his Beechcraft Bonanza single-engine plane from his… Continue Reading

Tech companies top Most Popular brands in the World list

  A new report lists the world’s 50 most popular brands based on online engagement and to no surprise technology and digital companies top the lists. Analyzing over 800 brands, Infegy, a social media intelligence tech company, narrowed down the top… Continue Reading