What Happens When You’re Too Eager to See Who’s ‘Viewing Your Social Media Profile’

Listen, we know it’s intriguing to know who is trolling your social media feed and those who look at but don’t “like” your shares, BUT…. you gotta stop downloading apps and online services promising to give you a behind the curtain… Continue Reading

Apple Doubles Its Women & Minority Hires

Apple says it more than doubled the numbers of women, blacks and Hispanics hired in the last year, although that barely moved the needle in terms of improving the diversity of its total workforce. Like other major tech companies, Apple… Continue Reading

Apple is latest Tech company to Ditch the Confederate Flag

  Apple joins a growing list of tech and online companies that are ditching the Confederate flag. It announced in a statement today that it will remove apps, “that use the Confederate flag in offensive or mean-spirited ways, which is in… Continue Reading

Is Apple Music Over before it Begun?

The TechYaya offices are always playing music. Just yesterday I was speculating whether Apple Music would be the death knell of Tidal. The service which launches this June 30th, is a  cheaper subscription model and has an already marketed audience… Continue Reading

Why a Deal search using an iPhone may Yield a Higher Online price than Using an Android device

  If you want the best deal on things like airline tickets or hotel stays, you should not use your iPhone but an Android phone. Why? Travel booking sites and other merchants quote varying prices to online shoppers depending on… Continue Reading