Is Apple Music Over before it Begun?

The TechYaya offices are always playing music. Just yesterday I was speculating whether Apple Music would be the death knell of Tidal. The service which launches this June 30th, is a  cheaper subscription model and has an already marketed audience… Continue Reading

What is ClickBait, Why do you Fall for It & How to Create it Yourself

Writes Buffer: Most people have the same experience with “clickbait.” You stumble across it in your Facebook feed or Twitter feed. It reads, “13 Problems Every Blonde Bostonian Working at a Marketing Software Company Has.” You recognize it’s pandering to… Continue Reading

Mommy Wars: Why the Start-Up mom has it THE HARDEST

“Many mothers find it difficult to raise a family and try to run a business because both the children and the business take a lot of time all by themselves,” an article on the Top 3 Reasons Mothers don’t Start Up in states.… Continue Reading