Apple Doubles Its Women & Minority Hires

Apple says it more than doubled the numbers of women, blacks and Hispanics hired in the last year, although that barely moved the needle in terms of improving the diversity of its total workforce. Like other major tech companies, Apple… Continue Reading

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    Now you can take a break from social media without fearing that you’ll miss out on important moments in your friends’ lives while you are away with the new KeepUp app. StartUp Founders Angel Davis and Lauren Washington were… Continue Reading

Here’s what’s NEXT on Jesse Jackson’s Tech Inclusion Agenda

Since the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr. got most of the top tech companies to reveal their employment diversity numbers this summer, he has set his sights on the next steps: getting tech companies to agree on measurable initiatives and programs… Continue Reading

Yahoo! admits its Diversity Employment numbers parallel Google’s and LinkedIn’s

There really is no need to jump on Yahoo! for buckling under the pressure and joining  Google and LinkedIn to reveal its own dismal Diversity Employment numbers today. (access it HERE) We’ve noticed plenty of “Pots Calling the Kettle Black”… Continue Reading