Yahoo! admits its Diversity Employment numbers parallel Google’s and LinkedIn’s


There really is no need to jump on Yahoo! for buckling under the pressure and joining  Google and LinkedIn to reveal its own dismal Diversity Employment numbers today.

(access it HERE)

We’ve noticed plenty of “Pots Calling the Kettle Black” for one day.  We should at least look for the shiny star in all this, especially considering how in recent years, Yahoo! was part of the group of tech companies resisting with all their might in “coming out of the closet” with what we all knew very well.




In sum, Yahoo shared that:

37 % of  Yahoo!’s staff is female;  which compares to Google’s 30%;

90% of the staff at both Yahoo! and Google is  White or Asian’

2% of both companies global employee stock is Black;’ (which is also the percentage at LinkedIn, coincidentally)

4%  of the staff is made up of Hispanic employees, compared to  3% for Google;

39%  are Asian at Yahoo versus 30% at Google; and

50%  of the staff is White at Yahoo v. 61% at Google.

Now we all know the excuse about Blacks and Hispanics not pursuing STEM fields won’t fly as an excuse.  Plenty have called Google, Facebook and other tech companies to task by  pointing out that there are plenty non-technical positions also woefully non-diverse.

It’s a culture of the industry thing.  It’s word-of-mouth recruiting and hook ups based on non-diverse social circles. It’s about the comfort level of recruiters with those traditionally  not part of the make up of many start ups. It’s about pattern matching. It’s a lot of things.

We all know it. Enough blame gaming.  We know that Google decided to offer women and minorities free 3 months of online coding school.

The next question is what would be done about it? What does Yahoo! plan to do?