Tech companies top Most Popular brands in the World list

  A new report lists the world’s 50 most popular brands based on online engagement and to no surprise technology and digital companies top the lists. Analyzing over 800 brands, Infegy, a social media intelligence tech company, narrowed down the top… Continue Reading

Here’s what’s NEXT on Jesse Jackson’s Tech Inclusion Agenda

Since the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr. got most of the top tech companies to reveal their employment diversity numbers this summer, he has set his sights on the next steps: getting tech companies to agree on measurable initiatives and programs… Continue Reading

NEW: Thanks Kim Kardashian, Now the butt seflie stick is a thing

See what you did Kim Kardashian making it a thing to take a selfie of your butt? Now there is a $79 gadget on the market called The Belfie that is SOLD OUT with a long wait list! That’s right, as… Continue Reading

Macy’s New In-Store Shopping Kiosks lets you Buy Non-stocked items, Skip Lines

In an attempt to reach tech-savvy millennials this Holiday shopping season, department store Macy‘s is rolling out kiosks inside its stores that will enable customers to shop for items not even on store shelves. Using the stand-alone terminals placed inside stores,… Continue Reading