NEW: Thanks Kim Kardashian, Now the butt seflie stick is a thing

belfie stick

See what you did Kim Kardashian making it a thing to take a selfie of your butt?

Now there is a $79 gadget on the market called The Belfie that is SOLD OUT with a long wait list!

That’s right, as if the articles on the Selfie Stick didn’t drag out those who loathe the new selfie trend and obsession out of the critiquing woodwork, now we have to hear from everyone telling us how we’ve reached a new low.

Oh yeah? Well maybe, but we say, if you don’t like taking pics of your bum to upload onto Instagram, then don’t do it, but don’t knock it until you try it.

Well…if you can get your hands on one. doh!


h/t  TechCrunch