Macy’s New In-Store Shopping Kiosks lets you Buy Non-stocked items, Skip Lines

cincinatti inquierer

In an attempt to reach tech-savvy millennials this Holiday shopping season, department store Macy‘s is rolling out kiosks inside its stores that will enable customers to shop for items not even on store shelves.

Using the stand-alone terminals placed inside stores, customers will get to browse variations of a piece of merchandise, and even check out a Facebook review of the item. Then, if wanted, the customer can purchase it directly from the kiosk and have the product shipped to their home.

They wouldn’t even need to work with a sales associate on the floor, and they’d get to skip long lines in the process. Sounds like a superb deal to us.

The first kiosks were test marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio, but future testing will be conducted in northern New Jersey and Atlanta-area stores.

The feedback so far has been favorable, store officials tell USA Today. 


photo: Photo: Gary Landers, The Cincinnati Enquirer