The Secret to Winning Loyal Customers is not what you’d Think


by Dr. Venkat Krishnamurthy, CPO & CoFounder of Alignable

As a local business owner, why do customers buy from you? Have you thought about it?
• Is it because you have a great logo?
• Is it the strength of your brand?
• Is it because you’re able to offer better prices than Amazon?

It’s  likely none of the above.  More often than not it is  because of your passion, your exceptional customer service, convenience and hopefully, a personal relationship they have with you!

As we started Alignable, we spent some time looking at the websites and profiles of local businesses on all the different directories and services out there.

And guess what we found? Every one of them tries to position their local business as a big brand would. Logos, products, services … ho hum.

Where’s the real stuff that makes them stand out? Where are the pictures of the owners and their employees, telling their personal story that makes each local business unique and amazing?

As a consumer, you’re more likely to buy from people you know and like.

Tell your story. Share your passion in both pictures and words—on your website, over social media, wherever you can reach your local customer. It makes all the difference in local business coming your way.