This Eco- Friendly Moving Supplies Company Takes the Stress Out of Relocating


Moving can be a pain and finding boxes to pack your stuff in can be even bigger of a pain.

There are companies out there that rent out durable, environmentally-friendly reusable boxes for packing, transferring and unpacking that get returned after use. Those who live in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia suburb community can turn to LendABox to help ease their moving woes.

Select a date and the company delivers the moving supplies (or save the fee and pick them up from the company’s Chantilly, VA warehouse).

“Whether you use a moving company, a moving truck, the family minivan, or simply stack the boxes in a room while you remodel, you have nothing to fear – the boxes stack well and don’t slip and slide,” the site notes on its website.  “There’s no need to worry about water ruining your stuff while you move, either, as the rain can’t get inside our boxes.”

Janice Gambaccini, who describes herself as a recovery attorney co-founded the company with friend Stephanie Zimmermann, a formal financial services consultant.

When you’re done, Lendabox comes and picks up the boxes from you. The price for the service depends on how long you keep the boxes and the size of the room. For example, if you were moving out of a studio and needed a one week rental , you would get about 25 boxes and pay just $50. Not bad!

If you needed three weeks to to move out of a three bedroom apartment, you’re looking at $200 for LendaBoxe’s 3-bedroom package.

The company also sells individual boxes including wardrobe boxes for $7 each for a week. You can also rent a dolly, a glassware kit, bubble wrap, moving blankets and ties. All the supplies you need to take the stress and aggravation out of your move.

For a very transient area like the DC area, this company is ideally located. Other similar companies exist nationwide. We suggest you do a search to find one near you.

It’s a great environmentally friendly option to cardboard boxes.


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