Parents invent Vending Machine with Baby Essentials

A few years ago, a few vending machines for parents who may have forgotten or used up some baby essentials while traveling through airports, shopping at the mall, or visiting zoos or amusement parks cropped up in the market and… Continue Reading

Mommy Wars: Why the Start-Up mom has it THE HARDEST

“Many mothers find it difficult to raise a family and try to run a business because both the children and the business take a lot of time all by themselves,” an article on the Top 3 Reasons Mothers don’t Start Up in states.… Continue Reading

Everyone can make money as a brand ambassador with SCOOPR app

Finally, the everyday Joe Schmoe who is not a celebrity, doesn’t have a ginormous following and is not a  mega online influencer can make money as a brand ambassador! Brands like Red Bull, Hollister, Wendy’s, Brooks Brothers, Cole Haan, Marshalls and… Continue Reading

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Pitching Your Startup

business meeting

Pitching your startup, whether it be to partners or to investors can be daunting. Getting it right can mean the difference between success and failure and that is why most people feel so much pressure to get them right the… Continue Reading